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Everything you need to know about subleasing at Madbury Commons.


Many residents who are not planning on occupying their unit during the spring or summer will opt to sublease their apartment. Subleasing is a great way to save money, as well as maintain your lease agreement with Madbury Properties.

Overview & Requirements


Find A Renter

It is the resident’s responsibility to find someone to sublease their unit, although management can offer assistance (although never guaranteed). We can offer residents a list of recommend places to advertise for a sublease. Negotiate a rental period and rental price for your sublease.

Complete Paperwork

The sublease will need to complete the “Sublet Rental Application” document. Both the resident and their sublease will need to complete the “Sublease Agreement”


Send your sublease agreement to “” for approval. Approval requires roommate consent, management approval, and occasionally a
background check.


It is the resident’s responsibility to pay the $250.00 subleasing fee. Your sublease cannot move in unless your sublease fee has been paid and your account is up to date. After your sublease is approved, you will be sent a copy of your completed subleasing agreement.

Key Collection & Hand Off

If your sublease is moving in during the spring, you will need to turn your keys into the main office. We will facilitate the key handoff. If your sublease in moving in during the summer, we will facilitate key hand off and collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I pay rent to?

You (the tenant on our lease) are responsible for providing Madbury Property Management the full rental amount as stated on your lease for the duration of the subleasing period.

Your sublease is responsible for paying you directly with whatever payment method and schedule you agree upon in your agreement. Your sublease will not pay Madbury Properties directly.

Am I liable for damages a sublet may cause?

Your security deposit will remain on file for the duration of your subleasing period. Any damages or lease violations made by your sublease will be reflected on your tenant account.

You can charge your sublease a security deposit. It would be your responsibility to maintain and return the deposit after the leasing period less any damages.

Do you clean the apartment after the sublet moves out?

We do not clean after your subleasing period. If your sublease is moving in during the summer, before you, plan to discuss your cleaning expectations with your sublease.

How does assisted subleasing work?

Assisted subleasing is when our company is able to provide a sublet opportunity. We are anticipating 8-12 units to be eligible for assisted sublets this coming lease term.

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